Dubai is a metropolis of bustling culinary diversity. This is where you can experience the various cultures that make the world through the art of food and flavor. The city that gave birth to the world’s tallest building doesn’t come short when it comes to romantic restaurants but finding a place that the whole family can enjoy and appreciate is a different story.

Dining with your kids is fun but it can get messy especially if the place doesn’t have what it takes to keep them entertained. To help you out on your quest for a peaceful and perfect dine out with the whole family, we’ve listed down five of Dubai’s best breakfast places that are family-friendly:

1. Superhero Brunch


There is no better way to get your kid’s attention than turning them into the superheroes and heroines they idolize. That’s the philosophy the Superhero Brunch lives by. This brunch place, located in Mazina, is popular among families looking for a fun-filled time together with their kids. Here, children are encouraged to appear as their superhuman alter-egos every Saturday so prepare to dine with Batman, Captain America, Super Girl, and Wonder Woman.

The food is as superb as the concept, too. While the little ones can choose from their favorite finger-food classics like nuggets, sandwiches, and chips, adults can enjoy a buffet of hand-carved roasts, peking duck, and sushi. An added bonus also comes in the form of a bouncy castle, movies, magic, and face painting which are all contained in a dedicated kid-space so you can dine in tranquility without worrying about the young ones wandering too far.

2. La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie

If you want to kick start the morning the best way possible but also wish to tag your family along, then some coffee and pastry in the streets of Paris is probably what you had in mind. But who says you can only experience the best Paris breakfast cuisine has to offer by jumping on a plane to France? With La Serre, you just have to go to Downtown Dubai and you can indulge in some of the city’s freshest French-inspired bread and pastries.

With the glass exterior allowing natural light in as you sigh in satisfaction after your first sip of morning coffee, there’s definitely no better way to begin your day. Children won’t feel too closed-in and bored, too, because the design of the place enables them to do one of their favorite past times- people watching. You can also keep them busy by introducing their taste buds to Pain au chocolat (it’s chocolate so it’d be impossible for them not to like it), croissants, or the traditional baguette.

3. Lime Tree Café

Keep your kids’ bottoms on their seats by eating out in Lime Tree Cafe. This restaurant serves one of the best breakfasts in Dubai from their homemade muesli, fruit and yoghurt combo to a heartier English breakfast staples. To make your munchkins’ tummies happy, you can also choose to order from various flavors of homemade muffins, tarts, pancakes, and other bite-size savories. You can also relish in a fresh cup of your favorite coffee in the cafe’s outdoor garden while your kids spend time reading books or coloring. With the designers having kept all the positive design elements of hospitality fitouts in mind, they have an indoor as well as outdoor space for families to enjoy.

You can also count on Lime Tree Cafe when it comes to healthy food choices since they put emphasis on ingredients that are organic, free-range, and fair trade. This means that you won’t have to worry about what your children munches on because they are more than committed to avoiding any sort of pesticide and preservative on every food they serve.

4. Spur

Another flavor from another country comes in at Dubai through Spur- a South African restaurant specializing in savory steaks and burgers located in Dubai Festival City. It’s not just the fact that kids eat free on Tuesdays that make Spur one of the family-friendliest chain in the city but they also take the duty of entertaining little grubs seriously.

Balloons, coloring sheets and crayons are ready to keep your small tikes glued to their seats as you tickle your taste buds with their bestsellers such as Ribs with Grilled Chicken, Chicken Fajita, and Fillet Steak on Hot Stone. If you’re about to have a conversation that’s off limits to children, you can still do so while you let them play their energies out in the supervised games room and climbing tower.

5. More

More Cafe

Downtown, Dubai offers another family-friendly dining experience through More Café . The name says it all – here you can expect nothing MORE than quality service and succulent, sumptuous meals for both adults and kiddos. They bring brunch to a whole new level with savory salmon steaks and mouthwatering French casserole.

A less intimidating menu with spaghetti bolognese, burgers, and side salads are also available for your little ones. No fast food-like dish is present so you need not ponder on whether it’s delicious or healthy because here at More, it’s both.

With Dubai’s chilly temperature right now, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the warmth of a fun meal with the whole family. Start your morning right and experience the best breakfast Dubai has to offer together!