4 Ways Sacrificing Self-Catered Accommodation Costs You Extra

On the face of it, self-catered accommodation can seem more expensive than accommodation without any self-catering facilities. However, the devil’s in the details. While the upfront cost might be higher, self-catered accommodation helps you skip the following costs.

  1. The Cost of Eating Out

Most importantly, being able to cook up meals in your accommodation saves you from having to eat out, and everyone knows that eating out costs significantly more than cooking something yourself. You don’t have to put together a three-course meal – you can simply buy a couple of ready meals. The money you save over eating out for every meal can be considerable, especially if you’re staying for more than a couple of days and don’t enjoy fast food.

  1. The Cost of the Minibar

Sure, you won’t touch the minibar. That’s what everyone thinks – in reality, it’s tough to turn down a little snack when you’re feeling hungry. At such times, the demands of the stomach overrule the rational thought of your brain. Hotels tend to charge outrageous prices for something as simple as a bag of nuts. To avoid unexpected expenses, book self-catered so you can make yourself a snack whenever you feel like it.

  1. The Cost of Room Service

Maybe you’ll decide not to head out to a restaurant and simply order room service instead. It’s nice having food delivered to your room, but, again, hotels tend to overcharge for the service. If you rely on room service too much, you’ll be hit hard by the final bill. Also, room service food tends to be a little questionable, unless you happen to be staying at an ultra- fancy hotel.

  1. The Cost of Transport

Finally, keep in mind that having to go out to get something to eat usually means spending more on public transportation. It’s easy to make light of those costs, but they do start to stack up. If you’re in the centre of town, it isn’t an issue. However, you could end up spending quite a bit if you’re on the outskirts and don’t want to frequent the same greasy spoon for every meal.