3 Tips For Traveling On A Private Jet Or Other Small Plane

While most people travel in the air aboard a commercial plane, there are times when traveling on a private jet becomes necessary. That is why, in scenarios like these, many often rely on online charter booking services provided by Jettly and similar companies. Maybe it is because of the affordable charter options that are available on the websites (of these companies) that most people often recommend the above-mentioned companies to others.

But remember, just because you’re familiar with how flying on a commercial plane works doesn’t mean that you know what flying on a private jet will be like. So to help you be prepared for this occasion, here are three tips for traveling on a private jet or other small plane.

Know The Baggage Restrictions

When you travel on a commercial airline, you have to go through security at the airport. This involves having to get yourself and your bags scanned to ensure everything is safe for air travel. But when you are traveling via a private jet, the security and baggage restrictions are a little different. According to Karen Tina Harrison, a contributor to Trip Savvy, there aren’t nearly as many baggage restrictions when you’re flying aboard a private jet. Just so long as whatever you’re packing will fit in the proper storage areas of the plane, you’ll generally be able to bring whatever you like along. So before you pack your bags and board your plane, be sure you know how much luggage space you’re allotted.

Make Sure You Have Your I.D.

Although traveling on a private jet also means that you don’t have to go through the traditional security measures that you do at commercial airports, you do still need to have the proper identifications with you in order to board the plane. Jessica Festa, a contributor to USA Today, writes that, in general, a valid driver’s license will work for boarding domestic flights. If you plan to fly internationally, you’ll need to show the staff your passport. This is to ensure that the right people are on the plane and that there won’t be any legal issues upon landing at your destination.

Don’t Overindulge In Alcohol

Just like on commercial flights, it’s perfectly legal to drink alcohol on board a private jet. However, similarly to commercial plane regulations, the staff of the plane has to serve the alcohol; you can’t bring your own on board and partake of it yourself. Knowing this, if you choose to bring alcohol with you, be sure to give it to the staff so they can take care of it until you’re ready to drink. Additionally, Deb Hopewell, a contributor to USA Today, warns not to overindulge in alcohol on board so as to not become a hazard to yourself or others aboard your small aircraft.

If you’re a little nervous about flying in a private jet for the first time, consider the tips mentioned above to help you be prepare for this new adventure.