3 Tips For Taking Your Infant On An Extended Trip

Traveling with kids can be rough, but add an infant into the mix and there’s no telling how your extended trip could end up. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make your vacation and travel time a bit more enjoyable and less stressful even when you have a little one in tow. So to help you and your family truly have a vacation to remember, here are three tips for taking your infant on an extended trip.

Start Packing Early

Babies require a lot of gear. From a car seat and stroller to diapers, wipes, bottles and bibs, your baby will likely have a bigger travel bag and be more expensive to travel with than anyone else in the family. Knowing this, Jennifer D’Angelo Friedman, a contributor to FitPregnancy.com, recommends starting to pack your baby’s belongings earlier than you start packing anyone else. Because a few of the things you’ll be bringing will likely be disposable, you should start accumulating those items in the weeks leading up to your trip. By doing this, you’ll feel much less overwhelmed on the night before you leave because you will have taken the time to ensure you’ve packed everything your wee one will need.

Perfecting Night Sleep

Getting your baby to fall asleep in general can be hard. But when you’re traveling or in an unfamiliar environment, catching those crucial Z’s can seem nearly impossible. However, Colleen Lanin, a contributor to Parenting.com, shares a few strategies you can try if you’re wanting to raise the chances of your baby getting a good night’s rest. Trying things like trial runs in a portable crib, getting an extra room for baby, and sticking to your normal sleep routines will make it easier for everyone to get the sleep they need during the night.

Schedule In Breaks

Whether you’re planning to drive on your extended trip or you’ll just be at your destination for a while, it’s always a good idea to schedule in breaks from your activities to give yourself and your baby some downtime. Ashley Marquez, a contributor to USA Today, recommends taking longer breaks around meal times so your baby doesn’t feel rushed to finish a meal and can have some time to stretch and roll or crawl around. This will help your child to feel less stressed about being in a new situation and will help keep everyone happier for longer periods of time.

Taking your child on an extended vacation doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You can enjoy yourself while on vacation even with your baby along for the ride. Use the tips mentioned above to help you prepare for this adventure and return home feeling rejuvenated and satisfied.