3 Tips for Planning A More Romantic Vacation

Whether you’re planning a trip for your whole family or just for you and your significant other, there are always ways in which you can bring a little extra romance to your vacation. Despite popular beliefs, you don’t have to travel to the most “romantic” place or stay in the fanciest lodging in order to have a trip that is full of romance and love. So to show you how you can turn even the least romantic travels into a great building block for a relationship, here are three tips for planning a more romantic vacation.

Embrace Cold Weather

One of the best settings to up the level of romance between you and your partner is the cold. While many people might think that being on the beach or laying out by the water might induce romantic feelings, Caroline Costello, a contributor to SmarterTravel.com, shares that it’s actually the need for shared warmth that can make a cold weather vacation perfect for rekindling the fires of romance. Consider planning activities during the day that get your out in the cold, like skiing, ice skating or snowshoeing. As the day wears on, take your adventures inside where you can warm up by the fire or share a nice cup of coffee or warm bubble bath.

Plan A Surprise Romantic Gesture

Depending on how similar you and your significant other are, you might not want to plan your romantic vacation all on your own. If your idea of romance is different from theirs, your entire plan could blow up in your face. For this reason, you should consider planning the majority of your romantic vacation together and choose things you’ll both enjoy. However, Angela Brown, a contributor to USA Today, writes that you should also plan a surprise romantic gesture that your partner doesn’t know about. This could be a special dinner, an unknown excursion, or a significant gift. This surprise will show to your significant other how much you love and care about them and their happiness.

Pick the Right Accommodations

Some accommodation and lodging choices are going to lend themselves to romance more than others. According to TravelMuse.com, things like castles or bed and breakfasts are generally more romantic than roadside motels or chain hotels. Additionally, anywhere that won’t require you to be bothered too much by other guests or staff members could make for even more romantic time together without worrying about your surroundings too much. If possible, try to find a place where you can make your own meals, which always adds an air of romance to any meal you share.

If you want to plan the perfect romantic vacation or just add a little bit of romance to a family trip, use the tips mentioned above to do just that.